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Why Choose JPS

JPS has experienced firsthand the benefits of a collaborative approach to planning and execution whilst working on major commissioning and construction projects. The early integration of teams comprised of client employees and JPS team members provides a platform to integrate local site knowledge and awareness with industry leading innovations, technologies and experience. JPS have witnessed, applied and further developed this integrated approach from small projects to multi-million dollar facility turnarounds.

Industries in Australia are constantly evolving, none more so than the energy and resource sectors. Having carefully selected a team with the highest performing individuals from these sectors, JPS are uniquely placed to deal with changing work conditions and environments. JPS encourages all of our employees to challenge the “status quo” which frequently results in innovative solutions to design constraints or scope execution. By integrating our team of passionate individuals directly into our clients workforce, JPS helps produce innovative strategies that balance safety, risk and efficiency.

“Do it right the first time, every time” is a core value instilled in all JPS employees. By empowering the workforce to take the time to do things right, the likelyhood of an incident and the frustration of rework can be significantly reduced. JPS appreciates firsthand that minimising unproductive time is key to executing all stages of a project life cycle. Our knowledge and expertise in project scoping, planning, developing execution strategies, scheduling and forecasting can be directly applied to meet our clients needs.

300 +

years of combined Oil and Gas experience



Sectors we work in

JPS have demonstrated experience in delivering services to multiple sectors nationally

Oil and Gas​

JPS played a major role in the construction of Australia's recent Oil and Gas Mega Projects

Power Generation

Coal fired, gas fired, combined cycle, renewable - ask us how we can assist


JPS can provide solutions to your Marine Facility upgrades and overhauls


Our Executive Leadership group have combined real-world construction experience in excess of 70 years​


Our mining solutions deliver opportunities for our customers to reduce downtime and increase productivity​


Our company are well versed in the strict legislative requirements of the Petrochemical Industry

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