Technical & Quality Manager

Steven Kunz

As the Execution Manager, Steven is responsible for developing execution strategies that meet or exceed the requirements of our clients schedules and project safety performance indicators.

    Experience Summary

    Steven started his career in Oil & Gas in Germany and moved to Karratha, WA in 2011. With a diverse background in rotating equipment and specialised engineering, Steven undertook Mechanical Specialist/Engineering roles across multiple LNG and Ammonia production sites, providing support both in the field and in local engineering workshops.


    An opportunity arose for Steven to join the Wheatstone LNG Project, working for the Bechtel CSU team to support the systemised based start up and early Operational activities. Due to his in depth mechanical knowledge, leadership experience coupled with his background in engineering he rapidly progressed into a Lead System Startup engineering role where he successfully led a team responsible for critical and complex systems startup and into reliable operation. 

    Strengths & Capability

    Steven’s years of experience in the resource and energy sectors have enabled him to accurately plan and estimate resourcing, durations and equipment requirements. Steven’s engineering and trade backgrounds have provided him with a platform from which he formulates complex technical scopes into practical execution strategies whilst mitigating potential risks and delivering on commitments with our JPS clients.

    OPS Support

    Value & Support

    With Steven’s extensive field leadership experience, combined with his technical engineering background and LNG projects experience, he can contribute to: 

    • Ensuring the project is resourced correctly by actively engaging in the screening and personnel selection process

    • Providing Start Up support and guidance

    • Embedding the ‘get it right, first time’ culture across our team

    • Technical and execution assurance through participating in pre-execution reviews 

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