Operations & Capability Manager

James Lynch

James brings over 25 years of demonstrated Project and LNG Operational experience to JPS, having led the safe operation of Major Hazard Facilities onshore and offshore throughout Australia. 

    Experience Summary

    James has 25 years of Production Operations experience working across a diverse range of industrial projects both in Australia and internationally. For the last 18 years he has focused exclusively on LNG Operations, fulfilling pivotal roles in the pre-ops readiness, CSU and operate phases of 3 significant Australian LNG projects, both onshore and offshore. James has practical real world experience as a Field Tech, CCR Tech, Operations Supervisor, Production Coordinator and Production Manager, delivering value across all stages of the project lifecycle.

    Strengths & Capability

    James brings a strong technical understanding, intimate process knowledge and he knows ‘what good looks like’ when it comes to effective risk management and production optimisation on Major Hazard Facilities. Practical, personable and client focused, he is just as comfortable working with team members at the front line as he is with executives in the boardroom.

    Years of experience

    Pre ops readiness

    Value & Support

    James has extensive experience working in a LSTK environment as the client across multiple successful LNG projects. Via the development of strong relationships with key stakeholders, he has can significantly contribute to the:


    • Effective delivery of Pre-Operations Readiness (People, Process and Purpose)
    • Safe and Operable Construction, achieve via detailed engineering design review & HAZOP 
    • Quality Pre-Commissioning and facility preparation for CSU, achieve via setting high standards for acceptance and helping the contractor to deliver them
    • Safe Startup and Early LNG Production, achieve by effective multidisciplinary team leadership and influence without authority
    • Successful delivery of contractual Performance Testing and TCCC, achieved via understanding where the value lay, and advocating for big picture ‘enterprise first’ thinking
    • Post handover Train Optimisation and Steady State Operational Reliability, achieve by empowering a competent multi disciplinary team to deliver against a clear expectation.

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